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Wine Cellar Management tool


Of course we build and support some of the most incredible Audio/Video, Cinema and Control Systems in the world, but did you know that Cantara offers a whole host of other residential technology solutions for the modern luxury home? From Cell Phone Booster systems that allow you and your guests to finally have normal cell reception inside the home, to Enterprise grade networking and WiFi we can provide solutions to almost everything through fun and easy to use technology. Today, we're focusing on Wine Cellar Inventory Management. Wine Cellars can be an incredibly beautiful addition to the home, and going through the process of tasting and acquiring the wines to fill them isn't too bad either. The only challenge comes when its time to decide and then find that favorite bottle(s) of wines for a summer afternoon by the pool. I say French Rose every time, but it could be a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, a steely Sancerre, or the classic Napa Chardonnay. Who knows where it is, and if it's even time to drink yet? We have many clients that ask us what the best way is to catalog their collections and organize the wine cellar. We recommend the inventory be entered into CellarTracker.com and then our clients use an iPad app called CellarVU to view their entire collection, and "check out" wines as they're enjoyed. In 2004 CellarTracker was created and launched to the marketplace. It’s purpose is simple, help wine enthusiasts track their collection and understand the value of it. At the most complex level, CellarTracker allows wine collectors to keep a detailed record of every bottle and a complete history of every wine tasted. At the core of CellarTracker is a very comprehensive database of nearly 1.4 million wines. Generally speaking, most wine enthusiasts will find about 99% coverage using the existing wine database. With the new CellarVU app, you can browse your entire collection of wines by label artwork, or focus on specific regions as large as "France" or as small as "Cote d'Or". Another way of sorting the collection is by sorting the wines in order of "Drink Now" so that you know if that $1,200 bottle of 2009 Margaux is best enjoyed tonight, or 10 years from now. Once you select a specific wine in the CellarVu app, you can read through professional reviews of the wine, and other user's comments about their experience with the wine – this is a hugely important way of knowing when and how to serve the wine, and give you an added boost of confidence when serving and enjoying. Let us know if we can help you set up your cellar!